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We print out high quality biometric ID Cards for schools and other institutions. Our biometric ID Cards can be read using barcode scanners or QR code scanners.

Barcodes can be used in libraries and attendance systems in Institutions

Sample Student ID done by Nishang Systems

We sell computer servers and their accessories like keyboard, VGA , Mouse etc

Our computers are high performance latest generation computers that run on at least 20 GB of ram( we can upgrade to 48 GB ram) 

Are you paying exorbitant amounts as electricity bills due to the higher consumption rates of your computer(s)?

Are you experiencing low voltage that cannot even power own your computer units?

Are you tired of buying stabilizers and UPS to control the supply of power to your computers?

We present to you the latest model of fan less mini PC powered by 12 V of power ONLY. Our systems are efficient and are we have in build wireless in them 


We bring to you the VNOPN solution for Institutions and Schools computer Labs. Our One server solution powered by 5V units is a solutions to school computer Labs and institutions.

With this system, a teacher can view and control what all students are doing at a time among other advantages thus our system will help greatly cut down the maintenance cost of your computer Lab

This is system is a wireless command system where patients in hospitals can on press of the button ring for help in their wards and customers in a bar can get a service on press of the button. Once the button is triggered, the system sends a signal to the wrist watch ( of the system) or to an LCD screen with the services needed .




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Tel : +237 679135426

Email: admin@nishangsystems.com


Our Head Office is located at Hotel St.Claire Buea,South West Region -Cameroon beside the Swimming pool 

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